10 Trusted Tips to Help You Run a Bar

Congratulations! The long hours of planning and the late nights of preparation have finally paid off, and you are standing inside your bar ready to take customers. After you’ve started a bar, the fun part begins — learning how to run a bar.

Whether you’ve opened up a chic wine bar or a local neighborhood watering hole, here are ten bar management tips that will teach you how to run a bar successfully.

Scope out other bars.

Make a list of your favorite bars and decide why you like them. Look for commonalities and take note of anything that stands out. Then visit them. Chat with the owner or take a seat at the bar to watch the service. Make sure to take notes.

Then list out establishments that don’t appeal to you and find similarities amongst that list. A trip to a bar that you don’t like may not be a lot of fun, but you can learn a lot about what you want to avoid by observing it.

Your research shouldn’t end there. Aside from highlighting the best and worst attributes of a bar, make sure you know the bars in your neighborhood. Spend an adequate amount of time understanding what works and what doesn’t in that area.

Ensure your finances are in top shape.

A big issue for a lot of owners is lack of funding when they are learning how to run a bar. Startup costs aside, running a successful bar takes a lot of money, and you want to be prepared. Business funding can cover a variety of other aspects of your bar like inventory, marketing, and building renovations. Find the right investors and select a business loan that works for you.